Book Review, Hand-Me-Ups: Recrafting Kid’s Clothes with Easy Techniques and Fun Designs By Lorine Mason

Hand Me-Ups: Recrafting Kid’s Clothes with Easy Techniques and Fun Designs

By Lorine Mason
What I liked about this book was the use of really good sewing techniques to make very nice looking projects. Often times when you are working with recycled cloths the techniques can be lost and you are just doing the basics. Krause books are known for their really good step out photos and this book really explains techniques such as how to make prairie points and then use them to re-style a little jacket. A fun idea using something from the quilt world and bringing it into fashion. I think lots of the projects are very transferable into adult clothing as well  and easy to take an idea in the book and change it’s theme to your favorite.
You can see one of the projects that I tried with recycled wool felted sweaters here.
More about the book from the publisher Krause Publications:

“Hand-Me-Ups features 25+ exciting projects, all based on recycled items you can take from the closet or purchase second hand. By reworking the materials and then jazzing up the pieces with trendy embellishments and simple techniques, you can create fashion forward looks for today’s kids. Includes a variety of projects such as clothing, belts, jewelry, shoes, bags and totes.

Lorine Mason is a crafting projects designer, utilising a variety of mediums. She has authored articles on home decor, the principles of designing projects for children and cross erchandising. She is the author of two other books by Krause Publications – Fashion Sweatshirts and Fashion Sweatshirts: Tots to Tweens.

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