Tiny Cassette Tape Purses


Check out these microscopic Barbie purses crocheted from cassette tape at MyRecycledBags.com. (And don’t miss the recently posted matching Barbie halter dress and hat.) The creator, Cindy, generally crochets standard sized handbags, totes and other useful objects not only from cassette tape but — as the name of the site implies — plastic shopping bags. Her site is full of detailed instructions and creative thinking, and it also includes on online shop of her finished handbags.

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    Yeah, I love their built-in waterproof feature. You bring up a good point. No doubt the prep work of plastic bags is more time-consuming than grabbing a ball of yarn, but I’d like to think that the crafters who are working with it believe that the principle of recycling the bags outweighs the chore (or pain). That said, three cheers for those who use recycled bags!

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    That is fabulous, beats using the cassette tape to make a witch wig for Halloween by a mile in creativity as well as durability.

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