Tin Can Jewelry

coke_necklace.jpgJennifer from Made From the Heart at Etsy does a smashing (yuk, yuk) job of transforming used tin cans into stylish jewelry. I’m particularly fond of her sun-shaped Coke pendant ($7), shown.

Jenn shared with me how she started making recycled crafts:

“Originally we were just trying to conserve and help the environment by recycling at home. I started seeing all these things that people were making out of recycled items, and I thought there has to be something we can do with aluminum cans, and my teenage daughter suggested jewelry. It took a while to experiment before we finally came up with something that would work but it was well worth it. By conserving and re-using what we have we are able to help make a better future. I like to know that instead of throwing it away it’s there to be used another day.”

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  1. chand says

    I would like to know this beautiful item mde from coke can have not sharp edges, have any material to protect from cutting.

  2. says

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