Repurposed Rolodex

rolodex.jpgLove to organize? Would you love to become organized? Christy Petterson at transformed a hand-me-down Rolodex into a craft organizer. She’s especially fond of dyeing fabric and making jewelry, and she finds that she can keep track of tiny jewelry parts and their part numbers by attaching them to flip-through Rolodex cards.

This would be great for any craft, really. Paint swatches, thread samples, yarn samples, ink pad samples – all of these, plus their pertinent information, would fit well onto these handy cards. It’s like a design file, only smaller.

See more of Christy’s repurposed Rolodex photos at

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    This is neat, I’ve seen some made with pages from the discarded subscription cards that are stuffed in magazines and I’m playing with the idea of creating something like that for myself too.

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