Newspaper Crafts

We all know the usual stuff to do with newspapers but how about some more unusual projects.

Newspaper slippers – Ok these are not going to be durable but are ideal for painting in or other one time use situations.

Newspaper Dustpan – Perfect for messy plaster shavings or a great “know how to make” for emergency picking up things situations.

Grandfathers Kite – Most of us know how to make a kite but if no one ever showed you how then borrow this grandad for a lesson in Grandads kite making.

Fire Logs – Logs can grow right out of your recycling bin with these fire starting logs.

Anyone else have some more unusual newspaper recycling craft ideas to share ?


  1. susan says

    Do you know of any crafts to make out of pinecones? I’ve been looking for quite awhile and haven’t found much.

  2. Kathy Sorell says

    I recently decided to use up some of my old wine bottles to make something interesting for my garden. I cleaned off the labels & used modge podge to glue on old beads, sea glass, etc and then set them in my garden..some pointing up, some pointing down. They make a nice stand for my gazing balls which are just foam balls decorated w/ stones, glass, left over beads & glued to the top of the bottle. They are really quite interesting & the kids love using their imaginations to make something out of our trash!

  3. NITI says

    i love makeing things out of newspapers….i have infact, been doing so all my life now :)
    i liked these ideas too…..though mine are very very sturdy, useful and extremely simple and gorgeous…..i guess i should post these up on the net soon

  4. Rozaz says


    I’m passionate making handcrafts using recycled newspaper. The techniques I use are, turning old newspaper to paper straws and weaving process to make baskets, vasts, side table lamps, etc. For coloring, I use timber tone or colored varnish. At first look, it is hardly to distinguish, either it is made from cane (rattan) or, it is really made from recycled newspaper

  5. Emily says

    I have 2 do this project at school n it has 2 be out of recyclable items n I want my project 2 be the best .. does anyone have anything that I could try 2 make out of newspaper


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