How to turn an old piece of wood into faux driftwood

Over at the blog Stephanie @ Home there was a great tutorial on how to make faux driftwood (link dead).

I bet all ya’ll that don’t live near the ocean will love this but now the link doesn’t work so I found another tutorial at Craftiments that features a tutorial on how to make driftwood.

I hope this works for you all you driftwood making peeps!


  1. bridget says

    Looks great, you should check out a new show called “Sister Pickers” they picked then bought old items to start a business. I love the stuff you link. Keep on keeping on!

  2. Katie Smith says

    I would LOVE to see this DIY but the blog is blocked (?) Is there a way to request permission from the blogger to view this tutorial? My husband is building us a farmhouse table and I wanted to find a good way to PHYSICALLY distress the wood (besides just distressing with paints and stains…)

  3. michelle says

    When I click on the link you provide, it does not allow me to see it. It says only people invited by the blogger can access the site :(

  4. Becky Dicke says

    Would like to be invited to read your blog and see the tutorial on how to turn wood into driftwood…. thank you

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