How to take apart a sweater and unravel it into yarn

Have you ever wondered how to take a sweater apart so you could re-knit the yarn? Well thank Ashley from the blog Neauveau for sending in a link to her wonderful tutorial! I can just hear sweaters all over the world unraveling and being re-knit! And if you are like me and just like to take the sweaters apart and use the pieces check out my latest Sweater Surgery project where I turned a regular turtleneck sweater into a embroidered shrug inspired by the new book Vampire Knits: Projects to Keep You Knitting from Twilight to Dawn.

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  1. […] Many years ago I purchased a sweater that I really loved. Until I washed it. Even though I didn’t use hot water, or dry it, and it was only partly wool, the darn thing shrunk about 2 sizes. So sad. I loved the color so much that I unraveled the sweater and have used the yarn in a few projects over the years. I wish I had this wonderful tutorial to help me in my unraveling. The bit where Ashley clearly demonstrates what makes a good seam and what makes a bad seam is worth its weight in gold if you are hunting your local thrift store for a sweater to unravel.  via […]

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