When the jeans don’t fit you must…recycle them into….

jeans slippersOver at the Etsy store AnnyMay has turned denim jeans into cute mary jane style slippers. I love when you can take one garment that maybe doesn’t fit or has gone out of style and with a few stitches turn it into something new and cute. To see how to take a tanks and a t-shirt and turn it into a dress pop on over here.

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    I made my old jeans and sweater into a cute little purse…please look on my blog and it is also linked to my etsy store. Thank you I have just discovered your site….fun stuff :)

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    i was browsing the net for knitting freebies like patterns ect. i came across this site and was so astonished to see this item.
    how wonderfull this person must be gifted.
    thank you.

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