Transform A Men’s Shirt Into A Dress


Looking for a new dress for your favorite little girl this summer? Grab one of her dad’s (or your brother’s or your husband’s) shirts, and follow the suggestions laid out on MADE to make your own version of this adorable dress.


  1. says

    I am deterimed to turn this tutorial into an adult-sized dress. I just need to scour the thrift store for really long dress shirts.

  2. says

    Love it love it love it! Some transformed shirts into dresses can tend to look like they were transformed but this one turned out so adorable!

  3. tamos says

    certainly men’s accessories will look great with any dress you wear. once in a wedding i attend, i got confuse on the accessories to wear then i choose the cuff links given by a friend. i am happy noone notice the design of the cufflinks, i accidentaly wear the male organ design one as my accessory. hahaha


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