Teacup Candles

Featured on Apartment Therapy, teacup candles are a great idea for anyone who not only loves to collect unique items but loves to have a candle burning in their house at all times.

But don’t think you need to go out and spend a ton of money to buy already-made candles if you love this look. Simply head into your kitchen and grab an old teacup, or to your local antiques shop or even the Goodwill for a teacup that makes you smile.

Then head to your local craft shop to pick up a candle-making kit. My favorites are the soy kits or the beeswax pellets, which will melt together the first time you light your candle.

If you make some of these, submit your pictures to me via e-mail and we’ll set up a little gallery here next week!


  1. gwen says

    I have so so many teacups (over 100), due to I collected antique teacups for many years. I want to make candles out of them and I would be interested in setting up a gallery with you with these.. Only thing I am confused about is how would I do the wick in the cups…

  2. dolores headley says

    When making teacup candles, are you suppose to glue the saucer to the cup?

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