Super Ugly to Super Awesome

This month’s Craftster Challenge once again caters to the mind and talents of the recycled crafter: The Super Ugly to Super Awesome Challenge asks that you spend $20 or less at a second-hand store on a super-tacky, super-ugly, super-revolting object and revamp it into something fabulous. (It’s also fine if you already own an ugly item and have paid $20 or less on it.) Upload your finished piece Dec. 1-5; if your submission earns the most votes, you’ll get to add three cool craft books to your library.

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  1. Randomlittlelady says

    I bought a really ugly woolen jumper at the op-shop for $3. i washed it on hot and tumble dried it so that it shrank. I then turned it into a really cute little button down vest and i also made a pair of fingerless gloves! So cute!!!!

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