Recycled Book Review: Build It! With Pallets

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Build It! With Pallets is a fun little book. If you are a handy sort and like to build stuff out of found wood pallets this is a great source for how-to projects. There are great instructions with nice little hand drawn sketches and black and white photos to follow. One of the best parts about making projects with recycled pallets is you didn’t invest in the materials so if you are a beginner or you mess up, no big loss. Just go out scavenging and try again! To see an inside peek into the book and a free project on how to build a raised bed out of a recycled wood pallet, pop on over to this post.

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Build It! With Pallets


Joe Jacobs

Often found abandoned at the back of factories, at dumps or even in skips, the humble pallet for many practically minded people, represents a huge source of inspiration as well as a challenge. When skillfully broken down into timber and smartened up, they can be refashioned into chairs, tables, fences, gates, chicken arks, planters, sheds, decking, cladding and many other functional items.

Joe Jacobs shows you what kind of pallet to look for, and provides over 20 plans for tables, fences, chairs, planters and other items of indoor and outdoor furniture. Build It! With Pallets is the ideal companion for anyone looking for inspiration and an economical source of wood, making them the ultimate recycling solution.

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