Product review: Pink Flamingo Ephemera on Etsy

il_570xN.549852505_nznd Even the envelope it came in was cool! Yes I was sent a review Small paper Pink Flamingo Ephemera pack filled with 25 pieces of vintage papers from the UK and the envelope it came in had cool postage markings. Pink Flamingo Ephemera carries all sorts of pretty kits based on theme, color, topic and more! I haven’t decided what I’m going to make with it but in the mean time I decided I would enjoy it by displaying it on my new “yesterday, today, and tomorrow” clothes pin organizer.


It was so zen to make. I simply colored each clothes pin with each color of the 36 BIC Fine Point Permanent Markers and arranged them in the rainbow.


All that was left to do was thread the clothes pins on a string through the hings separating them with the Horizon Group Wood alphabet beads spelling out “Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow”. I thought I would use this for notes, bills and to-do lists and thought it would be funny to put the “things I was supposed to already have done” in the “yesterday” area, things I wanted to do today in the “today” area, and the stuff I wanted to get to in the “tomorrow” area, but for now it’s simply displaying all the Pink Flamingo Ephemera eye-candy :)

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