Product Review- New Brush Tip Sharpie markers and Metallics

I don’t know about you but I practically live and die by my Sharpies. I use them to write on EVERYTHING! I would say they are the cornerstone of my organizational system. The Metallic Sharpies are the mainstay of my crafting pens. I especially like them for edging objects and touching up metal jewelry. Well, the fine peeps at Sharpie have now come out with a Brush tip version of their permanent markers. The black brush tip Sharpie worked great on my latest project, this Halloween lamp where I recycled an old lampshade. Some of the little silk flowers were red and with the brush tip Sharpie I could easily color them black!

For the full tutorial on how to make this fun Halloween recycled mason jar lamp pop on over to Craftside.


  1. ChrisTea says

    I couldn’t live without my Sharpies, either! I use them all the time for marking, for writing, and they’re a part of almost every artsy fartsy project I do. Love them!

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