Product Review: Gutermann Recycled Thread Polyester

21ZJcSFXTJLI just got back from CHA and I am so beyond tickled to tell you about my new latest find: Recycled Polyester thread by Gutermann!! Yes it’s made from recycled plastic water bottles! Gutermann invested a lot of time and money into making this a reality. Go Gutermann!!! If you are as happy about a company investing in making a recycled products like me show your support and let retailers like JoAnn’s Customer service know that you want them to carry recycled products like Recycled Polyester thread by Gutermann!


  1. Chrissi Matusevics says

    Hopefully it will be available in the UK I do a fair bit of my sewing and beadwork on Gutermann threads, they are quite good for the finer lighter beads and don’t stretch a lot, unlike other threads and they are available in different thicknesses

  2. says

    To get on a common ground many thread weights are measured by TEX. Tex is
    the weight in grams of 1000m of thread. This can also be talked about in
    DTEX (Decitex) which is Tex x 10. This is the European standard.

    Our Sew-All Polyester thread has a dtex 290 and the rPET (Recycled) has a
    dtex of 355. In comparison our standard Cotton 50 has a dtex of 300.
    Therefore the rPet is a little closer to our Cotton than our Sew-all

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