Playful Assemblage

scottie_assemblage.jpgCat Bishop a.k.a. Artsy personifies (or puppifies, in this case) everyday objects with funky assemblage works, including Scottie (shown) made from a vintage xylophone toy, a 50s alarm clock and French tart tins. Check out her Etsy shop for more unique one-of-a-kind sculptures made from vintage doodads.

The artist writes in her profile: “If our outward appearances were to accurately reflect the incongruity we feel inside, on a daily basis, we’d look like these people–eyes asymmetrical, faces askew, legs off at uncomfortable angles, ill matched Jello molds for boobs. The work is about the ways we assemble ourselves, the cobbling together of a self more presentable than the one we know.”

[tags]assemblage, Artsy, retro, vintage, sculpture[/tags]

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