Paint Chip Garland

Today we’ve got an extra special guest tutorial, thanks to reader Amy Quarry.

Collect lots of big paint chips in your preferred colours. I used Debbie Travis chips from Canadian Tire, but I think they have the big ones in Home Depot as well.

Place two chips together, back to back. You could glue them, but I didn’t bother. Cut out the shape you want, getting rid of any writing that is on the chips. I went with a rounded diamond shape, but circles, squares or triangles would all be cute. Do this step a few dozen times.

Sew down the centre of each pair of chips, attaching them together in a garland. I found that leaving a stitch or two in between each pair made them spin nicely once the garland is hung up.

There you have it! A pretty and free craft project.

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For more amazing tutorials and great ways to recycle everyday objects into items of beauty, head over to Amy’s blog!


  1. says

    Instead of cutting off the writing (in case that messes up the shape you want to use), you can try erasing it with one of the white chunk erasers, or try using a q-tip and acetone (fingernail polish remover). It won’t work on all of them, but its worth a shot. (If it doesn’t work? No problem, go ahead and cut it off. *smiles*)


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