How to recycle old candles into new ones

candle-5 Over at the blog Argot there is a great little tutorial for recycling old candles into new ones that are just perfect for gift giving. You know the holiday season is coming and it is never too soon to start on those handmade gifts and ones made with recycled materials are even better! I have done this project a bunch of times. I don’t use candles but I love making them, oh and shopping in the thrift stores for fun glasses to use. Two last tips I would add is that if you want to make your candles a fun color you can add crayon shavings to the melting candle wax and if you end up with an icky color these would be great to use in your Jack-o-lantern!

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  1. Tricia says

    We’ve been putting homemade/remade candles into our jack-o-lanterns for some years now, but we always have a hard time finding a container to pour the wax into. I never would have thought to look at a thrift store for glasses – brilliant!

  2. says

    This works great! i had to do a project in science about useing recycled things and i was looking at some of the ideas on the internet and found this. i did it and it turned out really pretty :) You all should try it out! ๐Ÿ˜€

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