How to make big fat recycled cereal box beads

Now I’ve seen a lot of paper beads and some are really cool. But these are FAB-U-LOUS! I love the size and boldness of these. They are made for cardboard cereal boxes and then varnished up so they glisten! Now unfortunately I eat Wheaties and those boxes are not printed in these bright primary colors. I think I’m going to get some “sweet” cereal boxes just so I can make some of these beads. More pictures are posted over at Emma’s Blog. Thanks for sending in and sharing this great design.

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  1. says

    Hi, You will need to varnish them to get them to shine. I use a water based floor varnish. These particular beads are varnish 3 times! This necklace is now for sale, so pop along to to have a browse through my online shop. Lots of upcycling going on and also many more paper bead jewellery for sale.
    Thanks, Emma – Jayfa Jewellery

  2. Betty Kerr says

    Hi, love your cereal box beads! will try soon, I have been using church bulletins and selling them for the church Missionary work, have handed in over $500. at $10.00 a necklace and they always want more .Colored magazine adds work too. Thanks for the ideas. Betty

  3. margie says

    I love your beads.I can’t believe they are made from cereal boxes.I am trying to make some paper bead jewelry to sell for hospice here in Ohio. How do you do the boxes?Aren’t they to stiff? These are beautiful.


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