How to make a pocket stove

Every once in a while a project comes in that is super practical and such is the case with this pocket stove! Over at the Spiris site there is a tutorial on how to make a recycled pocket stove.

All backpackers know about the limitations of gas: it’s illegal to transport gas cartridges on planes, difficult to refuel them abroad, and their weight and size are inconvenient. This invention gets rid of all these problems. With it, you can heat food or cook individual portions in a metal cup. This product is totally secure and can be used 30 times without cleaning. It can be handcrafted from a simple soda can in 3 hours anywhere in the world. You only need the paper pattern, a stanley knife, a knife, a paper tissue, a bit of cotton and a thick needle. Perfect for outdoor cooking. It weighs 50g. It’s refuelable everywhere. The oil never flows from the tank even up side down. Flames size can be easily modified. It doesn’t produce any smoke. It makes a coffee and 2 cakes in only 16 minutes.

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