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    The Craftberry pumpkin (and apple) tutorials seem to have been inspired by Lucy’s memories of helping her dad create a phonebook seat.

    Her very nice post reminded me of a great-aunt’s recycling of the big old fat Sears and Roebuck catalogues – which she methodically folded, page by page, to create doorstops.

    Having taught high-school math, she was my algebra tutor. I did not absorb the math, but did learn how to make the doorstops.

    She folded each page diagonally – down from the outer corner to the center and when she was finished, the doorstop was shaped like a tiki hut. The front and back catalogue covers were simply glued together, to form a cylindrical or conical shape.

    A reader at Craftberry wondered how to make the phonebook stool. It may have been a similar process, but probably required an extra fold – to remove the point (which is fine for a tiki hut, but not good for sitting).

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