Giveaway: You get to pick out a and 19 t-shirt altering ideas giveaway The fine peeps at have offered one lucky Craft Gossip reader the chance to pick out 1 free t-shirt from their site of hundreds of cool t-shirts! Open to U. S. residents only please. Leave a comment in today’s post by Saturday April 5, 2014 for a chance to be the one who gets to choose a free t-shirt!

how-tos-diy-tutorials-for-refashioned-t-shirtsAt they have compile a list 18 t-shirt altering and upcycling ideas. And I wanted to share one of my personal favorite t-shirt altering tutorials for a total of 19!


I love turning XL and XXL t-shirts into little tank dresses. johnny-cash

I got two of my favorite music t-shirts from Here they are before I took my scissors to them. If you are working with a brand new t-shirt I suggest NOT prewashing it as then it will be a bit stiffer and not curl as much. I find it easier to work with that way.


Here are two of my XL t-shirt dresses from the front and back. I used them as my “pattern”. I suggest using a dress that fits you as a pattern or guide to calculate how low to cut the arm holes/ties.

T-shirts are stretchy and therefore very forgiving so don’t worry too much about exact cutting.


My older dresses were simply tied in the back so I marked them with safety pins and untied the knot in the back.

Then I laid the cut t-shirt over the uncut t-shirt.


I first cut the front of the t-shirt and then flipped it over, tucked inside the front tie and then cut the back. The front bottom part of the sleeve stays attached and becomes the tie around the back.



I also cut the neckline to be a bit bigger.


I tried on the t-shirt dress and pinned the ties to fit. I like using safety pins for fitting when I am trying the garment on and off a lot.


In this case I decided to sew the “ties” so I aligned them right sides facing and sewed them using a straight stitch. But you can just tie the t-shirt “sleeves” and this is a no-sew dress!

I had planned on trimming off the excess but I kind of liked how the tails looked peeking out from the bottom.

I can’t wait to try some of the 18 t-shirt altering and upcycling ideas featured at



  1. tina morris says

    went and looked at your website such amazing t=shirts would sooooo looove to win one for my partner even but they are grouse

  2. says

    What a fun giveaway! I love altering t-shirts. My favorite alteration so far is the SuperMom cape I made myself from an XL shirt. :)

  3. gil duncan says

    Seeing as how I just opened a package from them; their shirts are great karma says maybe I’ll be the lucky winner. Thanks

  4. Jackie says

    I LOVE making new clothes out of old t-shirts! Hope I win so I can try your dress design!

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