Film Canisters

Film Canisters — Well, there used to be a time when we all had them to spare and they were a popular topic on recycled messageboards all around the place, but what happens now that people are going digital? You might just have to buy them ?
Film canisters are becoming like gold, so make sure you choose a crafting project that’s worthy of these “endangered creatures.”
One fun little project that is totally practical is a miniature first aid kit, and the best thing is it does not destruct the canister, making this “Recycled Craft” project completely recyclable in itself … how frugal is that?


  1. Carole says

    Diabetes test strip containers work well, also. My son has Type I Diabetes and I save his containers and collect more from our support group. Check with your local diabetes center to see if they will save you some.

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