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With so many Etsy shops out there selling top notch goods, it can be overwhelming trying to find items that use recycled and upcycled materials. I thought today I’d feature a few for those of you who are still newish to the Etsy scene.

Essential Paper

I’m always on the lookout for shops that use upcycled or recycled goods in their items, so I was pleasantly surprised to find Essential Paper. A newer Etsy shop, EP sells cards and notebooks made using upcycled books and magazines. A few of my favorites include her break dancing card and her Han Solo notebook.

Bee Fancee

Bee Fancee is another newer shop to Etsy, and features some great handmade items. Of note are the laptop covers, which are made from recycled (and sometimes felted!) sweaters. Each one is unique, and from what I can tell made incredibly well. The shop also features some tremendous handbags, but I’m not sure those are made from recycled goods!

S.A.M.’s Creations

Also on my shortlist is SAM’s Creations. Featuring handbags and clutches, her items are made using as many recycled materials as she can muster. One of my favorites is this clutch made from seatbelts!

What other great Etsy shops do you know that use recycled and upcycled materials?


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    I love hunting down Etsy shops that recycle. A few of my favorites are Cotton Bird Designs ( for sweet sculptures made out of recycled paper and fabric, Ruby and Olive ( for cute upcycled clothes and bags, Banana Batch ( for fantastic recreated jewelry boxes, and Blythe King ( for all sorts of handy notebook/iPod/laptop/etc cases.

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    I try to include upscaled and recycled items, check out my use of an old felted afghan, ponchos for a girl and her doll!

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    I just found the wonderful write up you did about my laptop cozy and my site! Thank you for the positive feedback, I appreciate that. And yes, I do have recycled bags as well, and I even have gift bags (for wine, champagne, etc) which are also made from a sweater. Actually, from one sweater I created to purses (which have sold already) and a wine bottle gift bag, I have on sleeve to go, hmmmm, what will that be? Thanks again for finding me! Kelli –

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