Craftside Book and Wrights Bobbin Winder Giveaway



Here are the deets:

Send a link to your favorite recycled craft blog, website, or Etsy shop and you are entered to win a free Craftside Book and Wrights SideWinder. It can be your own or someone else’s. If you want more chances to win pop on over to Craftside and leave a question there in the comments section of this post. And while your there check out inside peeks into all sorts of crafty books as they fly hot off the presses!

Oh and spread the recycled crafty book bobbin goodness word!

U.S. Residents only.


  1. says

    I love sassafrass creations (, an esty store that has jewelry, key rings, etc. made from old knitting needles. It’s a really interesting way to use re-use the needles.

  2. says

    I love this site! Amazing inspiration and fabulous ideas! Check out my site for a tutorial on how to make coin purses out of milk cartons.

  3. Lisa says

    The interest in crafts from recycled material is growing slowly in Sweden where I live, luckily there are so much to be found on the internet, like this blog.
    I have submitted an URL to a Swedish website from a girl who has published a book on recycled textile crafts because I think her webbshop is a nice example of how you can display and (re)sell recycled and vintage craft materials.
    The webbshop:

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