Christy’s Craft Challenge


Looking for a great way to expand your crafting brain power? Want to get into the whole “recycled crafts” thing, but don’t have any crafts to recycle? Christy’s Craft Challenge is for you!

I was contacted by Christy, who explained to me this great idea she’s got going on, and the growing community surrounding it. Via Etsy, you sign up for a one-month craft challenge. You’ll receive a manilla envelope full of goodies, as well as full instructions for completing the month’s challenge.

Your job? To use ALL the items in the envelope, along with any other craft supplies you may have laying around (but you can’t go out and purchase new!), and then submit a photo of your final creation to the Flickr group. There’s a deadline for this, and the group as a whole votes on the “best” creation!

The winner gets the next month’s challenge for free, as well as another, top secret prize!

February’s challenge was making a fat quarter handbag, and March’s challenge is about to begin! Hurry and get signed up before you have to wait another month to get in on the fun!


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