Book Review: Steampunkery by Christi Friesen

OK you may be asking yourself why is this book review of Steampunkery in the Recycled Crafts section? I’ll tell you. One of the cool aspects of the Steampunk  style is the reuse and recycling of old elements in new ways. It’s one of my favorite parts about the Steampunk style, other than the “industrial” style it incorporates. Such as the case with all the really cool tiny gears and bits used in making the projects in this book. Christi writes in such a fun way it is such a joy to read her excellent directions along with the great photos. A lot of the projects incorporate a real or fictitious character that expresses so much emotion and cuteness you will love making these designs.  Grab a copy of the book  Steampunkery for wonderful tutorials or if you are just in need of all those recycled little watch parts and things to use in your own creations pop on over to her site CFOriginals to load up!

To see one of the projects from the book I had an opportunity to make in a class with Christi at CHA and the finished necklace tutorial pop on over here. It also includes a bit of a recycled soda can punched into a cute set of wings.

From the Publisher:

A project book for all skill levels. Step-by-step pictures combined with detailed and humorous instructions keep the pace quick and the excitement level high. Steampunk look combines a Victorian-era sense of romance with a clockwork mechanical-ness. This book adapts those characteristics to polymer clay creations and offers projects that are sophisticated yet playful, challenging without being difficult. This eighth book by well-known author/artist Christi Friesen is her best yet!

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