Book Review: Stamp It! DIY Printing with Handmade Stamps

stamp it! by Jenny Doh I am a big fan of stamping and I have made some stamps in my day so I was super excited about Stamp It! DIY Printing with Handmade Stamps. I think my favorite part about Stamp It! are the projects. Whether you choose to make the stamps using the great tutorials and templates or use pre-mades the projects are so cute and fun. There are all sorts of paper and fabric projects. I predict nothing in your house will be left unstamped with all the inspiration in Stamp It!. I have a couple of favorite stamps one of which is my scissor stamp and so I thought I’d try the ribbon stamping idea in Stamp It!.


I think it worked out pretty cute. I also stamped on some butcher paper that I recycled from some shipping packing material. I think the two will make a great combo or used by themselves with a solid element.

make your own wrapping paper

More about the book from the publisher, Lark Crafts:

Stamp It! DIY Printing with Handmade Stamps


Jenny Doh

Want to create a stylish, hand-printed look on your crafts—but find traditional printmaking intimidating? Then stamp it! Ten top designers, each with a distinctive style, have devised a collection of 45 stunning stamped projects plus 200 easily duplicated motifs. The stamps themselves are made of readily available household or store-bought items, and a lavishly photographed basics section walks beginners through the techniques, from transferring images to cutting and carving the stamps to inking. Make gift tags, stationery, wrapping paper, invitations, building blocks, and more!

Features projects by top designers, including:
Ishtar Olivera  • Kerri Winterstein  •  Jo  •  Riyo Kihara  •  Noelle Griskey  •  Gertie Jaquet  •  Memi the Rainbow   •  and more!

Jenny Doh is the former Editor-in-Chief of Somerset Studio magazine and is the President and Founder of Jenny serves regularly as keynote speaker across the nation delivering messages related to creative passion, authentic leadership, effective communication, and focused compassion. For her leadership in publishing and the art-and-crafting community, Jenny was recognized by Folio magazine as one of the top 40 leaders within the publishing industry. Jenny is the author of several books, including Hand in Hand and We Make Dolls (both Lark) She lives in Santa Ana, CA.

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